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Electronic Newsletter                 Issue 2004-11


November 2004

In this issue Striking Statistic, Timely Tip, Computer Clue, Group Gathering and Quick Quote


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Striking Statistic

On an average day, there are 17 million meetings in America.  Assuming these meetings last about an hour each and consist of 5 people averaging an hourly pay rate of $7.  These meetings could cost up to $595 million each year!

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Timely Tip


According to the “Wizard of Whenã” , having roles assigned for each meeting is essential to effective results.  A key meeting role is the facilitator.  Meetings can always be improved by having an experienced facilitator guide the process toward the desired goal.  The facilitator plans the meeting and conducts the meeting by helping the meeting members use defined methods and set timetables for idea generation, discussion, and decision making.  The facilitator can be a member of the meeting group or may be an impartial or neutral person selected by the group to guide the meeting participants through and important issue or decision where input from all members is necessary. 


Computer Clue


Many meetings today are held via phone (teleconference), video-conference, or internet/intranet (net meetings).  These meeting require some technical expertise to implement the structure and often are simple to arrange once that structure is in place.  However, these types of meetings will require an experienced facilitator to insure the most effective use of time and technology to accomplish the desired results.  


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Group Gathering


Meetings can include short fun activities that are meant to teach the attendees something or help them get to know each other better.  One activity that can be used for getting to know each other at the start of a meeting involves pre-meeting communication.  For this activity, ask the attendees to bring their favorite T-shirt to the specific meeting the activity is to be done in.  Then at the start of the meeting, after everyone has arrived, ask each attendee to show their shirt and explain how the T-shirt explains something about their personality or tells something about their interests. 


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Quick Quote


"Everybody counts, everybody deserves a chance, everybody has a responsible role to play and we all do better when we work together." - Bill Clinton


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Comments from others using a facilitator:

"Shirley is an excellent facilitator. When facilitating our team, her ability to remain impartial keeps everyone on track. Her ability to facilitate a productive meeting better utilizes everyone's time".

"Shirley's energy and enthusiasm are excellent examples for the rest of us. I have seen many occasions when Shirley was able to get a group moving just because of the enthusiasm she showed on the topic at hand. That is very contagious."

"If I had to pick the people who have had the most impact on the support team, Shirley would be at the top of the list. Through Shirley's leadership, team was able to set goals, adopt an organizational structure, and prioritize a list of action items."

"Shirley is an excellent facilitator and an expert on teaming. She keeps us on track in Quality Improvement team meetings, often suggesting different problem solving techniques."

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