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March 31, 2007, Page 7 article made available on this webpage with permission of editor for Neighbors (a Dallas Morning News Coppell/Valley Ranch publication)

Coppell Neighbors Press Article

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Press Article about release of book RARA A Meeting Wizard's Approach by Shirley Fine Lee

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Coppell native gives helpful meeting hints in new book


     Coppell native and area meeting facilitator Shirley Fine Lee has a book available on www.Amazon.com called R.A!R.A!  A Meeting Wizard's Approach

     Her book is a no-nonsense guide that can help anyone prepare for participating in or leading meetings. The author, an expert in communication and organization explains how to assign roles, create a clear agenda, keep records, and assign actions for follow up. 

      As many business professional know, many books related to meetings are designed primarily for presenters, event coordinators, managers, or meeting facilitators. However, R.A!R.A!  A Meeting Wizard's Approach is designed for any meeting or group member who wishes to learn tools that will make their meetings more effective.   The easy-to-follow book provides explanations, illustrations, detailed examples and usable forms so readers can begin immediate practice of the skills they will learn.

For more information, visit www.shirleyfinelee.com.



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