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Really nice <customer service> article, I used the tips and they work. Thanks again... - Call Center Rep


Thanks for posting this article. I found it very beneficial as it was easy to read and straight to the point. Often I find that when we try to do things better and this includes time management, we often seek for the most complicated systems because we feel that it might give us more value and direction. I have to say, the 5 simple things that you have suggested are practical and easy to adopt. I follow the same principles and I have found them to be very beneficial. I would like to use your article in my blog as my readers are interested in this sort of thing. - Blogger


Thank you so much for the <meeting> information it was really helpful - Reader


I was looking for some details on team development, and trust me this has been quite helpful. A whole lot of team leaders can achieve more with a knowledge of these tips. Most of us just run through practicals without adequate research. Thanks for the good work. Keep it up.- Blogger



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Reprintable  Articles on EzineArticles by Shirley Lee

(a.k.a. Meeting Wizard)


Articles republished the most were #1 Are Meetings Producing a Loss or a Gain? and #2 Turn Meetings into Pep Rallies of Productivity. Meeting article read the most on Ezine site is 0 Ways to Increase Group Participation in Team Meetings 


Meeting Management Articles                                                                 Shirley Fine Lee, EzineArticles.com Platinum Expert Author

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  • Get Things Accomplished in Meetings     

    Summary:  A well-known time management principle is to start with As so why not do that with meetings too?  Use a meeting agenda to keep the meeting focused and actions to get things done outside the meeting.  Click title above to read full article.

  • Tips For Taking Control in a Meeting     

    Summary:  Ever been to a meeting that got out-of-control?  3 tips to control a meeting and encourage participation include having: purpose statement, agenda, and issues list. Click title above to read full article.

  • How Can We Get Off This Rabbit Trail?     

    Summary:  Meetings often get off track when attendees go off on unrelated subjects called rabbit trails.  When someone gets on a rabbit trail, they can easily be refocused to the meeting topic using simple meeting management techniques. Click title above to read full article.Shirley Fine Lee, the Meeting Wizard

  • 3 Phases of Value-Added Meetings      

    Summary:  Successful business meetings use an agenda that follows 3 phases of a meeting.  For a meeting to be valuable, it needs to have a defined opening, ending, and step-by-step topics to accomplish its primary purpose. Click title above to read full article.

  • Staff Meeting Alternatives      

    Summary:  Meetings are important for getting group work done. However, meetings cost the organization time and dollars.  Meeting time that is spent for reporting work progress can be accomplished in other ways in order to reduce costs.  Six alternatives for staff meetings are examined. Click title above to read full article.

  • Preventing Meeting Participants From Coming Late Or Leaving During Meetings     

    Summary:  Irritation in meetings may be caused by disruptions of members who come late to meetings or miss part of the meeting. Four ideas for preventing the problems that tardiness and leaving during meetings may cause in meetings are presented. Click title above to read full article.

  • Resolving Absenteeism in Team or Project Meetings      

    Summary:  Irritation and reduced morale can be caused by members who miss meetings. Ideas on ways to prevent different causes of team or project problem related to member non-attendance at meetings are presented.  Click title above to read full article.

  • Quickly Create a Process Map in a Team Meeting     

    Summary:  Process maps are a great ways for teams to see the work they do and find bottlenecks to eliminate or areas for improvement. Provided is a easy method to quickly create a process map.    Click title above to read full article.

  • 4 Things a Meeting Facilitator or Leader Needs to Do      

    Summary:  Meeting facilitation skills are important in business.  Leaders and others who are good at facilitating or leading meetings conduct very effective meetings.  To build meeting success, leaders and facilitators need to know four things to do for an effective meeting. Click title above to read full article.

  • Bosses Need Gift Of Better Meeting Leadership       

    Summary:  Studies show millions of meetings are held each day in the United States and that thousands of dollars are spent per meeting hour where the meetings include multiple executives as attendees. Are all these meetings a business investment or a waste of time? Sadly many of those same studies indicate the managers attending the meetings felt up to half their time investment was wasted. If meetings are important enough to hold, then why don't the bosses of the organization insist they be better lead?        Click title above to read full article.

  • Best Time to Hold Business Meetings is When?      

    Summary:  Is there a best time of day to hold a business meeting?  Which is better morning, lunch, or afternoon meetings?  Pros and cons of typical meeting times and lengths are presented. Click title above to read full article.

  • The 3T Rule for Meeting Agendas       

    Summary:  Business meetings can be a greater success if agendas and used.  The 3 T rule of Time, Topic, and Talker for meeting agendas increase group effectiveness. Click title above to read full article.

  • When to Say No Thanks to a Meeting Invitation      

    Summary:  With all the meetings people are invited to attend, everyone must understand which ones to personally attend, send a substitute to, or decline as not relevant.  This is done by checking the invitees on the invitation and asking questions of the meeting organizer. Click title above to read full article.

  • How to Prevent Repetition from Dominating Meeting Time      

    Summary:  When a person just keeps harping on the same subject in a meeting, there are a few things you can immediately do to get them to quit talking and allow the group to move on.  Click title above to read full article.

  • 5 Ws and an H for Meeting Invitations      

    Summary:  To improve meetings, start with pre-planning to make sure the meeting is the best possible. Key to this is inviting the right people in the correct way. The best meeting invitations will provide attendees with the answers to their questions of who, what, when, where, why, and how related to the meeting. Click title above to read full article.

  • Turn Meetings into Pep Rallies of Productivity       

    Summary:  Everyone has to attend or lead meetings at some time, but not all meetings are created equal. How many people dread going to any meeting verses a particular meeting? How many people feel the attended meeting was a waste of time? Does anyone think the meetings are really producing the desired results? How can meetings be made more effective and productive? This article will provide information on how to improve a meeting using an approach containing 4 keys to success.  Click title above to read full article.

  • Is This Meeting Really Necessary?  5 indicators when a meeting should not be held    

    Summary:  Is anything to be gained by holding that regular business or team meeting?   Five indicators are presented to determine when a planned meeting should not be held because it would not be worth the cost  Click title above to read full article.

  • Are Meetings Producing a Loss or a Gain?       

    Summary:  Almost everyday people in organizations have to attend meetings. Has anyone at the organizations looked at those meetings to determine if they are productive? Does anyone in the organization know if the meetings were beneficial enough to be worth the investment? This article will provide information on how to verify the worth a meeting has to the organization.  Click title above to read full article.

  • Why use the 3W Rule for Action Items?     

    Summary:  Team and project meetings can be more successful it actions are assigned.  The 3 W rule for action items of what, who, and when can aid success.  Click title above to read full article.

  • Common Types of Participative Meetings     

    Summary:  Participative meetings have everyone contributing to the purpose of the meeting.  Definitions, common uses, and tools for different participative meeting types including decision-making, list generation, problem solving, project planning, and strategic planning.   Click title above to read full article.

  • Minding Meeting Manners - Do's and Don'ts        

    Summary:  Meetings are the most popular group communication tool in business. Some individuals need tips to know how to best take advantage of this communication forum. Provided are thirteen Do's and Don'ts related to achieving more professional meetings.  Click title above to read full article.

  • Planning Corporate Events Using the 5 Ws         

    Summary:  Organizations plan events yearly or for special occasions. These events may be successful or they could flop.  Event success can be determined by appropriate planning and decision making using 5 questions when planning an event.  Click title above to read full article.

  • 10  Ideas to Encourage Individual Involvement in Interactive Meetings         

    Summary:  Team Leaders find meeting where all team members share ideas while participating in decision making and problem solving yields better results.  10 ideas are presented that a leader may choose from in order to increase individual participation and involvement.  Click title above to read full article.

  • 10 Ways to Increase Group Participation in Team Meetings         

    Summary:  Leaders find meetings where team members openly communicate and participate in problem solving get better results than those where people only listen.  In meetings requiring high participation, 10 ways are presented that a leader can choose from in order to increase participation and involvement.  Click title above to read full article.

  • Creative Sessions With 6 Thinking Hats        

    Summary:  Six thinking hats provide a comfortable meeting environment where members are willing to give ideas, express positive or negative aspects, and share emotions.  Try this process in next meeting for innovative thinking.  Click title above to read full article.

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making in Red & White - 6 Thinking Hats Meeting Tool #1 

    Summary:  In problem solving or decision making meetings, using a creative process known as thinking hats works well for many groups.  Two hats are presented -- red which allows expressing feelings and white for presenting facts. Click title above to read full article.

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making Between Black & Yellow - 6 Thinking Hats #2  

    Summary:  Thinking hats works for all types of groups who need to do problem solving or make decisions by insuring all perspectives are reviewed.   Two hats are presented black represents the negative view and yellow the positive.  Click title above to read full article.

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making with Blue & Green - 6 Thinking Hats Tool #3     

    Summary:  Understanding the different thinking hats and how they can help to guide a meeting might aid a group in decisions.  Two hats are presented blue is used for process control and green inspires creativity.  Click title above to read full article.

  • Comparing Robert's Rules to Meeting Wizard's Approach       

    Summary:  Brief details on Robert's Rules of Order and the RARA Approach by a meeting wizard are provided so organizations can decide on a process that best fits their meeting needs. Each meeting management process has merits for use in business, government, or non-profit organizations. A comparison of each will help managers, leaders, and chairs within an organization to decide which method is best for them.  Click title above to read full article.

  • Measuring Meeting Costs with Meeting Miser - Meeting Tool Review         

    Summary:  The free easy-to-use internet-based tool called Meeting Miser helps monitor the time and dollars spent in meetings.  Meeting Miser will calculate the cost of a meeting based on the location of the meeting, the job category of the meeting attendees, and meeting start and end time. Click title above to read full article.

  • Planning Meetings with the Meeting Wizard On-line Tool  - Meeting Tool Review         

    Summary:  Planning a meeting on a date where everyone can attend is time-consuming.  It can be a hassle of multiple phone calls or emails back and forth.  An easier way to plan a meeting is available with the on-line tool called Meeting Wizard.  Click title above to read full article.

  • 6 Tips for Prepping a Great Virtual Meeting   

    Summary: Virtual meetings have increased in popularity for both business and non-profit use. These meetings allow people to attend form anywhere including home, office, or airports. Six tips are presented for pre-meeting actions that the meeting organizer, leader, or facilitator of virtual meetings should consider.  Click title above to read full article.

  • How To Lead a Virtual Meeting in 13 Steps     

    Summary:  Virtual meetings continue to replace face-to-face meetings as business is becoming increasingly global. Virtual team members may be spread across multiple different countries. Leading a virtual meeting is more challenging because of the time zones and technology. Thirteen steps are presented for leading effective virtual meetings.  Click title above to read full article.

  • 5 Excellent Things To Do After Virtual Meetings        

    Summary:  Virtual meetings are becoming more popular as they allow people to work form anywhere and yet still meet with their team as needed. Five ideas are presented for post-meeting actions for meeting leaders and facilitators of virtual meetings. Click title above to read full article.

  • 17 Ways to Be a Better Virtual Meeting Participant         

    Summary:  With virtual meetings being standard business practice, people need to know how to participate effectively. With 17 ways to be a better virtual meeting participant, readers learn 8 preparation suggestions and 9 ideas for improving their meeting time and participation.  Click title above to read full article.


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